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5 Steps For Securing IoT Deployments
IoT Agenda, October 28th, 2019
Focusing the right people, processes and technology on IoT cybersecurity is a win-win; it can improve security operations and the success of IoT initiatives

"IoT represents a cybersecurity vulnerability that organizations can address with five steps to create an IoT-specific security strategy.

Organizations risk security when groups outside of IT deploy IoT without informing IT admins, as well as when their IoT initiative is a formal project in pursuit of defined business goals..."

As the Internet of Things develops attention is becoming focused on the IoT and privacy as well as IoT and data insights. Here are four considerations

"5G is never far from the headlines, but what about privacy by design in the context of devices that make up the Internet of Things? Then, as things develop, privacy issues mount, as do opportunities for data insights. Dr Yevhenii Karpliuk, who has ten years plus experience with biomedical systems development, embedded systems and IoT solutions design, spoke to Information Age. We started with the issues of the IoT and privacy..."

What Works Best For IoT Storage?
SearchStorage, October 29th, 2019
Storage for IoT devices and applications requires new strategies and approaches. Find out how three approaches are being used to facilitate storage for consumers and enterprises

"In the world of IT, the one constant is rapid change. As new technologies evolve, the services that underpin them must change as well. Let's consider the effect of IoT devices on storage and identify the kinds of storage that work well for such environments.

This look at IoT storage must start with examining the changes happening in IoT. What began as a catch-all term to describe the proliferation of difficult-to-categorize technology has become fuzzier as IoT has caught on and become prevalent in several areas..."

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