IT - Humor

ComputerWorld, October 29th, 2019
Now his angry emails take forever to get here

"It's a Monday morning a few years ago when this network admin pilot fish gets a phone call from the manager of one of the company's Midwestern offices. Not a nice call, mind you; the manager starts right off hollering: 'Where's our network connection so we can get our LAN connected to the corporate backbone?'..."

Penny Wise
ComputerWorld, November 1st, 2019
Well, it would be nice to have the must-haves

"The owner of a local business is a notorious skinflint, so the company's facilities are in an advanced state of ramshackle before he even thinks about moving. Naturally, everyone is amazed when they learn that the new facility is being custom-built just for them.

And during the design phase, each department manager is asked to provide a list of must-have features for the new facility. They have no problem complying, because most of them have spent years getting by with jury-rigged solutions for basic problems..."

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