Product vs. Project In Open Source, November 1st, 2019
November 1, 2019,
Volume 259, Issue 5

What's the difference between an open source product and an open source project?

"Not all open source is created (and maintained) equal.

Open source is a good thing. Open source is a particularly good thing for security. I've written about this before (notably in Disbelieving the many eyes hypothesis and The commonwealth of open source), and I'm going to keep writing about it. In this article, however, I want to talk a little more about a feature of open source that is arguably both a possible disadvantage and a benefit: the difference between a project and a product. I'll come down firmly on one side (spoiler alert: for organisations, it's "product"), but I'd like to start with a little disclaimer. I am employed by Red Hat, and we are a company that makes money from supporting open source. I believe this is a good thing, and I approve of the model that we use, but I wanted to flag any potential bias early in the article..."

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