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5 Key Tips For Multicloud Management
Datamation, October 29th, 2019
The best multi cloud management involves factors like understanding identity management, tying your data center to multiple clouds, and efficiently managing costs

"The good news about multi cloud management: it will get easier as the years roll forward. After all, most companies use multiple cloud platforms for different tasks. So combining all these clouds using a single multi cloud management system is something that IT managers will get used to with time.

The bad news about multi cloud management: it's currently far from ideal. It's an inherently messy process. While some vendors tout a 'one dashboard handles it all,' multi cloud management system, in fact this technology is still in its infancy..."

Cloud migrations are never easy, especially for CIOs and IT leaders moving workloads to the cloud. To ensure your migration is a success, consider these 10 tips from cloud experts

"Enterprise IT leaders continue to migrate to the cloud in search of various benefits, but studies found that many still struggle to get the returns they expected when moving workloads during the cloud migration process.

According to technology consultants, researchers and experienced CIOs, one of the reasons is that organizations are still moving applications, capabilities and services to the cloud without first fully evaluating whether they'll work efficiently in the environment and without planning how best to modernize and optimize them..."

5 Cloud Storage Privacy Questions To Ask Potential Providers
SearchCloudSecurity, October 28th, 2019
Data confidentiality in cloud computing is a major enterprise concern, yet providers are often lacking in their details. Here are the questions to ask before adopting a service

"Everyone should be concerned about becoming a victim of a data breach somewhere on the internet. But organizations also need to be more concerned about how their "trusted" providers might be using their confidential data, specifically as it pertains to the files entrusted to a cloud provider's storage.

This article provides background on cloud storage and offers five commonsense questions to ask providers about cloud storage privacy and how they use customer data. Because Dropbox is a vendor known to many readers, I use it to illustrate some points about data protection in the cloud, but note that these observations apply to many other cloud storage vendors as well, not only Dropbox..."

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are often referred to as the Big 3 in the cloud infrastructure market, and if you had any doubt about the growth potential of the cloud, take a look at this quarter's eye-popping revenue numbers from these three companies

"Before we get into each company's specific numbers, it's important to note that it's difficult to get a firm grip on what the cloud numbers actually mean and what each company includes in that cloud revenue category. What's more, Google didn't even report specific cloud revenue this quarter, so we are left to rely on comments from July.

It's also important to note that we are talking about the cloud infrastructure, not SaaS revenue, so Microsoft earned additional money from their SaaS business, but Google combines SaaS and infrastructure into a single number..."

Top Cloud Management Platforms
Datamation, October 31st, 2019
These leading Cloud Management Platforms enable companies to deploy and manage their applications across virtualized infrastructure that runs in the cloud and on-premises, applying policy as well security controls

"Managing applications across different types of server infrastructure, including cloud as well as virtualized server on premises is the domain of Cloud Management Platforms (CMP).

What Cloud Management Platforms provide is the ability for an organization to deploy and manage their applications across virtualized infrastructure that can be running in the cloud and in many cases on-premises, applying policy as well security controls..."

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