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Opinion: Do you know where your data is? Tough new laws are on their way. Consumer data is fast becoming an expensive liability, and it could even lead to jail for executives

"It's only a few weeks before California's strict data law takes effect January 2020, and there are others in the pipeline in other states including proposals to jail executives that fail to protect people's data from a breach. Data is fast becoming a business liability rather than a benefit.

I go to a lot of media roundtables organized by computer security companies, and they all say that 100% protection is not possible and that every company has to prepare for a security breach. Yet that's assuming that the organization knows where all its data is located, which is unlikely..."

How Big Data Keeps Businesses Secure
insideBIGDATA, November 1st, 2019
Big data has become almost ubiquitous in the world of business

"From supply chain and inventory management to HR processes like hiring, big data has proven itself to be a valuable tool. However, big data can do much more than simply improve how a business conducts its operations; it can protect businesses from a huge variety of threats when used properly.

Useful Analytics

At its core, big data empowers businesses and enables them to make informed and intelligent decisions based on analytics..."

For applications ranging from advanced driver assist systems to precision medicine and manufacturing, a simplified development environment enables more rapid prototyping, testing and launch capability for analytics and AI projects

"As part of enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, data engineering teams are using a wide range of data analytics techniques, ranging from streaming analytics to machine learning to deep learning. This diversity in techniques has led to a corresponding diversity in software platforms and tools. Most data engineering teams are using data ingestion frameworks, such as Kafka; a combination of machine learning tools, such as Hadoop, Splunk, SAS Analytics, Spark, Python and R; and open-source deep learning packages, such as TensorFlow, Caffe and PyTorch..."

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