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"Business intelligence - the strategies and tech companies use to collect, interpret and utilize data - plays a primary role in informing the strategies, functions and efficiency of a company. However, as essential to a company's success as BI is, many businesses don't take advantage of the tools that can improve their BI efforts.

Combining machine learning with BI can have a far-reaching impact on the insights a business gets from its available data, making BI a true game-changer in helping companies improve productivity, quality, customer service and more. Below, 12 members of Forbes Technology Council explore the ways businesses can use machine learning to improve BI..."

Business intelligence can help companies gain insight into past performance for future improvement, though there are potential drawbacks to using BI tools for projects

"Business intelligence (BI) tools help companies gather, analyze, and report important information. The potential benefits to using BI tools include:

  • Improved data quality;
  • Faster and better decision making;
  • Increased confidence; and
  • More reliable reporting and results.

And yet, some companies may achieve less than optimal or even dismal results from their business intelligence tools. Why? Here are three ways that business intelligence can negatively impact your project..."

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