[Webinar] Winning With Microsoft Teams: Rules Of The Road For Safe, Secure Collaboration
November 19, 2019 11 AM - 12 PM EST
November 3, 2019,
Volume 259, Issue 5

Centric Consulting will host a two-part webinar series starting November 19 to address your most pressing questions about Microsoft Teams security, governance, and adoption

Teams is Microsoft's fastest-growing application in the company's history. As with any new enterprise application, business leaders have questions about:

  • Security - How do I ensure customer and company data remain secure?
  • Adoption - What are some of the challenges I'll need to overcome to maximize ROI?
  • Governance - How will employees adhere to government, industry and company compliance standards while using Teams?

Creating a governance plan that gets put on the shelf won't work because of how frequently Teams evolves and improves. Don't let this discourage you. Leaders can manage change successfully with the right guardrails...

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