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5G Explained: A Deep Dive Into The Features And Facts
SearchNetworking, October 2nd, 2019
As you evaluate the difference between 4G and 5G, you'll see the next-generation cellular standard seems pretty impressive. But goals and reality can be quite different

"Similar to Oz's mysterious wizard, many basic explanations of fifth-generation wireless -- or 5G -- fail to see the technology behind the curtain. Like all wizards and technologies, 5G has its own complications and disadvantages. The newest generation of cellular network technology lacks consistent deployment guidelines, differs greatly from its predecessors and is one of several disruptive technologies that currently dominate the networking industry.

This guide delves into the nitty-gritty details of 5G, explained in a comprehensive way that provides insight into the technology behind the metaphorical curtain. Learn more about 5G's history, 5G challenges and how other technologies -- such as edge computing and Wi-Fi 6 -- could play with 5G..."

A new timeline sheds some light on when 5G's could come to your phone, home and more

"There are so many promises about how faster 5G data will transform our lives, it sometimes feels mythical. Though lightning-fast download speeds are slowly coming to more carriers and phones, the prospects of self-driving cars talking to each other, remote surgery and 5G replacing your home Wi-Fi feel like the stuff of a still-distant future. But at last, we're finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel..."

Once you can provide a high-bandwidth, low-latency solution that meets or exceeds a wired connection, you can move into the cloud - and that will force a revolutionary change in hardware design

"I was at Qualcomm recently and taken though the advancements in 5G, WiFi 6 and millimeter wave (mmWave). I also recently had a call with Ruckus, arguably the leader in large venue wireless. They've been deploying WiFi 6 technology in churches and sports venues and even though we don't yet have many WiFi 6 devices, they're reporting significant increases in access point capacity, improvements in management and better data throughput..."

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