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The traditional reasons to choose on-premise vs. cloud aren't always a factor today. Here are some reasons to avoid the cloud based on current context

"We're more than a decade into the age of cloud computing, and there is no shortage of opinions out there telling you why you should move workloads to the cloud, if you haven't already. What's rarer is a measured discussion of why, in certain cases, you might choose not to move workloads to the cloud--or to 'repatriate' those that you have already migrated there. In this article I offer four reasons why a workload may be a better fit for on-premises infrastructure..."

These eight patching best practices mistakes get in the way of effective risk mitigation. Here's how to fix them

"Not appropriately patching your software and devices has been a top reason why organizations are compromised for three decades. In some years, a single unpatched application like Sun Java was responsible for 90% of all cybersecurity incidents. Unpatched software clearly needs to be mitigated effectively.

So, it's surprising to see that most organizations don't effectively do patch management even though they think they do. Here are some of the common ways patch management policy is broken..."

Estimating data center bandwidth is often a guessing game. Here are some proven approaches to making reality-based calculations

"As emerging technologies stretch data center bandwidth needs to the limit and beyond, enterprises are racing to deploy 100G and 400G technologies to keep pace with growing network user demands.

Yet as managers strive to maintain essential network services, it's become all too easy - especially for small and medium-sized organizations - to get caught up in the hype and waste money on bandwidth they really don't need..."

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