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IoT has given organizations opportunities to improve processes and predict issues from the flood of data. How will advancements and its own limitations shape the future of IoT?

"IoT, machine learning and edge computing have revolutionized the way organizations across many industries manage business operations and handle data, but the technology is still early on the path to reach its full potential.

Since IoT emerged, organizations have made advancements in how people can use IoT devices. Healthcare providers can track a patient's condition through wearable devices in case of an emergency. Manufacturing workers see reduced downtime and increased safety from IoT sensors and AI that provide predictive insights..."

Marina Ruggieri, IEEE Fellow and professor of telecommunications engineering at the University of Roma, helps Information Age solve the problem of IoT connectivity

"Before tackling the problem of IoT connectivity, it's important to understand the mass IoT market: what does it compose of? Will the IoT market largely be made of industrial or consumer connections, or both?

Today, it's certainly true that industrial connections compose the majority of the IoT market: industrial IoT. Manufacturers are lining there factory floors with internet connected devices that can help deliver real-time information on individual machines and the collective. Mainly, this is to improve the product lifecycle management (PLM) of the equipment and reduce dreaded downtime. But, it's not just on the factory floor where the IoT market will infiltrate..."

IoT Dangers Demand A Dedicated Group
Computerworld, October 4th, 2019
The internet of things brings with it a wide range of IT security headaches, along with compliance nightmares - and turf wars

"The internet of things (IoT) brings with it a wide range of IT security headaches, along with compliance nightmares - and turf wars.

Internal problem No. 1: Departments that typically have little to no interactions with IT are now directly ordering corporate IoT devices. Maybe you've got Facilities purchasing IoT door locks or Maintenance buying a ton of IoT light bulbs. Given that those departments have been purchasing door locks and light bulbs for as long as anyone can remember and have never needed IT or security's signoff, this can be a problem..."

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