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A Real Mickey Mouse Theory
Computerworld, September 30th, 2019
Always remember, kids: Safety first.

"It's back in the day, and pilot fish gets an early-morning call. A System/360 Model 65 won't power back on. The operator tells fish that when he presses the power button, he hears a squealing sound. Could be a mouse, he theorizes, since they've been seen around the building..."

But What Do You Do With All Your Spare Time?
ComputerWorld, October 2nd, 2019
A: Probably reads more manuals.

"Did all the good Shark Tank stories happen 40-plus years ago? No, of course not. Sharky is confident that IoT, for one thing, is going to be a treasure trove of great true tales of IT life. It's just that right now you're probably all too busy putting out the fires - and besides, time removes the pain and reveals the humor!

And so, once again, we hark back to the days of mainframes, one dominant vendor, and monstrous tabulating machines like the IBM 402..."

Throwback Thursday: Everybody Gets An F
ComputerWorld, October 2nd, 2019
Shall we guess how many of those passwords were '123456'?

"As the IT communications manager at this university, pilot fish is the person who sends out memos about IT policy to users. And he does just that when a phishing email starts circulating on campus.

Never send your user name and password to anyone via email, he warns them, and to give them an example of what to look out for, he pastes in the text of the phishing attempt..."

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