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How Long Before Quantum Computers Break Encryption?
VMWare News, September 30th, 2019
The verdict is in: quantum computing poses an existential threat to asymmetric cryptography algorithms like RSA and ECC that underpin practically all current Internet security

"This comes straight from the National Academy of Science's Committee on Technical Assessment of the Feasibility and Implications of Quantum Computing. The inevitable follow-up: OK, so how much time do we have before we're living in a post-quantum world?

The short answer is, nobody knows. That's not for lack of trying. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) formed a dedicated working group just to try to reach a number. The industry's best guess is about a decade, maybe more, maybe less. Not exactly what you want to hear if you're trying figure out how to replace the encryption schemes used for everything from email to the world's banking systems..."

Quantum computing is real and it's evolving fast. Is the security industry up to the challenge?

"Media reports that Google may have used a quantum computer to crack a problem even the fastest supercomputers could not solve is a significant milestone on the journey to large-scale quantum computing. For cybersecurity professionals who have been waiting for this milestone, this should be the proverbial starting pistol to begin ensuring their infrastructure is agile and resilient..."

Meet the United States' new arguments against encryption. Same as the old arguments against encryption

"For security experts, the US government's debate over accessing end-to-end encryption sounds like a broken record -- with the same logical flaws they've pointed out for years. The latest push came Friday at the Justice Department's 'Lawful Access Summit' in Washington, DC. The arguments from both sides sound eerily familiar, even if they were spouted by different individuals and companies..."

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