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Multi-Cloud Security: 7 Issues To Watch
The Enterprisers Project, October 1st, 2019
Using multiple cloud providers is not riskier than using one: Each arrangement has its pros and cons. Prioritize these security areas in the multi-cloud environment

"Many organizations grapple with security worries as they consider whether and how to take hybrid cloud deployments - running applications in the cloud and on-premises - to the next level. This is moving to multi-cloud deployments, where applications are deployed on not just one cloud provider (and optionally on-premises), but across multiple cloud providers. Although this multi-cloud model might seem to bring extra complexity, there are real benefits: These include the ability to control costs by scheduling workloads based on geography and time, reducing risk by having a more heterogeneous computing base, and avoiding lock-in to a particular vendor..."

The Five Pillars Of Edge Computing
Information Age, October 1st, 2019
Why do we need Edge computing? What is it? What are the advantages? The five pillars to edge computing provide the answers

"It partly boils down to the explosion of devices. Joe Root, co-founder of Edge Computing Company, Permutive, which provides a data management platform built for purpose, told Information Age that, 'over the past 10 to 20 years, we've seen this explosion in the number of devices. So we've gone from 500 million to 15 billion devices, but over the next 10 years will go from 15 billion to a trillion devices'..."

A credible threat of defection can help you leverage competitive pricing opportunities and escape long-term relationships gone bad

"In an ideal business world, enterprises would forge strategic partnerships with their cloud services providers that lead to prosperity for all involved.

It doesn't always work out that way, however. Things change over time, and in many cases the relationship between the customer and its cloud provider does not evolve to account for that change. Or maybe costs are not in line with what was initially expected, or the quality of services is not what was promised..."

7 Must-Have Steps For A Cloud Migration Checklist
SearchCloudComputing, October 4th, 2019
Migrating an enterprise's data and applications to the cloud includes a laundry list of considerations. Review the steps you need to take to complete your migration

"While on-premises data center technology isn't going away any time soon, cloud computing is an alternative with many appealing benefits, including scalability and agility. As a result, many enterprises migrate their applications and data to the cloud. But before your organization takes that leap, there are a few points to consider.

Moving enterprise data and applications outside the firewall and into the cloud is no small feat. To ensure everyone within an organization is on the same page, cloud migrations typically require an in-depth sales pitch that covers costs, tools, security, governance and talent, among other considerations.

Here are seven tasks that should be on your cloud migration checklist..."

Multi-Cloud Spending: 8 Tips To Lower Costs
The Enterprisers Project, October 2nd, 2019
Are you overspending with your multi-cloud strategy? IT leaders and multi-cloud experts share their best advice on how to optimize costs - and avoid unnecessary waste when using multiple cloud providers

"Companies are spending loads of money on cloud. But that doesn't mean this money will always be spent wisely. Research firm Gartner expects global spending on public cloud infrastructure (IaaS) alone to total $39.5 billion in 2019. Meanwhile, IDC predicts public cloud spending (including IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS) to approach $500 billion in 2023..."

The Future Of Cloud Storage: Experts Look 5 Years Out
SearchStorage, September 30th, 2019
Industry experts weigh in on key cloud storage developments of the last five years and where they see the technology and its use headed in the next five

"Five years ago, the conversation around cloud storage was quite different than it is today. In a 2014 SearchStorage guide on "The case for cloud storage," three out of the four featured articles dealt with backup or cold storage. And the two main topics covered by the guide were cost and the No. 1 user concern, security.

Today, most organizations have moved well beyond using cloud for backup only..."

These emerging technologies are changing not just cloud, but the larger world of enterprise computing - and sectors ranging from retail to media to pharmaceutical

"The advance of emerging technologies enabled by cloud computing has been dizzying over the last several years.

In some cases, these new technologies have been created by cloud companies specifically for the cloud; for instance, serverless. In other cases, a technology has advanced by its close relationship with the cloud; for instance, machine learning and artificial intelligence..."

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