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IT Careers: 12 Job Skills In Demand For 2020
InformationWeek, October 1st, 2019
Employers will likely be looking to fill these kinds of IT positions in the coming year, building out their teams' tech skills

"If you're a job seeker, the good news is that the IT employment market remains very hot. That said, some kinds of technical skills are in higher demand than others.

Key technology trends are pushing employers to hire workers with very particular types of experience. In its most recent IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index, Foote Partners noted, "It's difficult to find an employer that isn't struggling to come up with its own unique tech staffing model that balances three things: the urgencies of digital transformation and cybersecurity threats, combating ever-deepening security threats, and keeping increasingly complex systems and networks running smoothly and efficiently."

What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Employee
Business 2 Community, September 30th, 2019
Before you think about hiring an employee, you should develop a job description

"This job description will be used when you post your job opening and will be an important document to measure potential candidates against. A job description is also one of the documents that are considered by the judge during a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Employee Handbook

As a business owner, disgruntled employees will be one of the most common headaches you will experience. A properly drafted employee handbook is something you should consider having in place to protect your business against potential lawsuits from employees..."

A CIO shares lessons he's learned about finding and securing the best job candidates for IT teams

"America's unemployment rate is at a near 50-year low. In a tight job market, quality candidates often find they have multiple employment offers from which to choose, and this is especially true for highly skilled workers, such as IT professionals. Whether you're leading a small tech startup or the IT department of a large company, here are five ways to boost your chances of landing your preferred candidate..."

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