5 AI Fears And How To Address Them
The Enterprisers Project, September 30th, 2019
IT leaders implementing AI will encounter fears - many of them well-founded. The trick is to focus on these real-world concerns, not the time-traveling robot assassins

"Artificial intelligence occupies the strange position of having a decades-long history while still feeling wholly futuristic to many people. It's not actually new, but it remains an eternally 'new' frontier. No one can honestly claim to know precisely where it will lead.

So if it's true that we fear what we don't understand, then it makes sense that the future of AI keeps people up at night, especially when considering the more ominous possible outcomes..."

The DIY Guide To Introducing Machine Learning Solutions
Business 2 Community, October 3rd, 2019
Machine learning is fundamentally different from all the tech that came before it in one major way: As time passes, it gets smarter

"It's the opposite of a static solution because it actually provides more value with age. Unsurprisingly, companies in all industries have been eager to embrace machine learning in recent years, and that shows no signs of slowing.

We've already seen machine learning applications enter the mainstream via web search algorithms and product recommendations. Transformative though they may be, they're just the inaugural applications. Moving forward, we should expect to see this technology become ubiquitous in unexpected ways..."

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