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As important as 5G is for smartphones and other devices, don't overlook an equally important next-generation wireless technology -- Wi-Fi 6

"Everyone seems fixated on the emerging 5G technology as the next great way to connect. And it's true - 5G is an important technology not only for smartphones, but many other connected devices, particularly those that are mobile and/or remote (e.g., cars, meters, smart sensors, etc.). But as important as 5G is, often overlooked is an equally important next generation wireless technology for our increasingly connected world - Wi-Fi 6..."

You'll be at the point where wireless is faster than wired

"Wi-Fi 6 is just now arriving in phones, laptops and network equipment. But engineers are already turning their attention to what'll come next: Wi-Fi 7. With speeds as high as 30 gigabits per second, the next generation of Wi-Fi promises better streaming video, longer range and fewer problems with traffic congestion.

The change will come in a series of steps, beginning with improvements to Wi-Fi 6, that lay the groundwork for the expected arrival of Wi-Fi 7 in 2024..."

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