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Vendor revenue in the WW enterprise external OEM storage systems market decreased 0.8% Y/Y to $6.3 billion during 2Q19

"According to the International Data Corporation's Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker,... Total capacity shipments in the external storage systems market were up 5.2%Y/Y to 16.3EB during the quarter, while capacity shipments in the total market (including ODMs and server-based storage) declined 4.2% to 107.9EB. Revenue generated by the group of original design manufacturers (ODMs) selling directly to hyperscale datacenters declined 22.9% Y/Y in 2Q19 to $4.2 billion..."

HDD Capacity Threshold Reaches 20TB
architectingIT, September 4th, 2019
Less than 12 months ago, we were talking about the release of 15TB drives from Western Digital (WDC)

"Today 18TB (CMR) and 20TB (SMR) drives are about to be released for sampling to customers. The relentless momentum of the HDD industry is pushing us closer to the mythical 100TB HDD. Will flash ever catch up?

The latest WDC announcements extend the Ultrastar DC HC5xx series to 18TB with the DC HC550 in a standard 3.5″ form factor using 9 platters. There are now no single-digit drives in this family - capacities start at 10TB with 12TB, 14TB and now 18TB models. No performance figures have been made available (yet), but looking across the range, we can expect a slight increase in throughput compared to the 14TB generation...."

Securing and Deduplicating the Edge with EdgeFS
By Dmitry Yusupov, Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder / CTO and Storage Software Architect
Data security presents a major challenge of Edge/Fog computing growth. Learn how to overcome issues with the introduction of modern decentralized data layer EdgeFS

"We've been articulating Edge/Fog computing transformation with arguments in significant cost savings due to reduced bandwidth consumption, improved analytics efficiency due to improved necessary reaction time to events in the physical world, maximum uptime by not relying on WAN (Wide Area Network) like cellular that can be less reliable than wired, and improved security.

In terms of security, the benefits come from protecting assets close to the source of data, ones that were never intended to connect to broader networks, much less the internet..."

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