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To get the most out of edge data, IT pros must know how to use machine learning algorithms to designate data to real-time or traditional cloud processes

"IoT's reach extends the enterprise outward into the world, and edge computing will expand right alongside it. Organizations must understand how to use edge computing for IoT data management to keep up with the data avalanche and enhance edge data security.

The expansion is orders of magnitude faster and broader than the growth of the cloud. IoT device deployment will reach almost 40 billion by the end of next year according to Gartner, so organizations diving into IoT must build edge processing resources..."

Internet of things devices present unique security problems due to being spread out, exposed to physical attacks and often lacking processor power

"Even in the planning stages of a deployment, IoT security is one of the chief stumbling blocks to successful adoption of the technology.

And while the problem is vastly complicated, there are three key angles to think about when laying out how IoT sensors will be deployed in any given setup: How secure are the device themselves, how many are there and can they receive security patches..."

Nontech manufacturers building IoT devices combined with resource constraints is a recipe for disaster. It's the reality of IoT security issues, and the problem isn't going away.

"Once connected to a network, IoT devices provide impressive amounts of data to streamline and automate many manual processes. From environmental monitoring to smart metering to asset tracking, IoT applications create previously impossible efficiencies. However, a massive obstacle blocks many IoT projects: how to secure notoriously insecure IoT devices.

To learn about prevalent IoT security risks - and how to best deal with them - I visited the IoT Village at DEF CON 27. Here's what I learned..."

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