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10 Pitfalls To Avoid When Implementing DevOps, September 5th, 2019
Make your DevOps implementation journey smoother by avoiding the mistakes others have made

"In companies of every size, software is increasingly providing business value because of a shift in how technology teams define success. More than ever, they are defined by how the applications they build bring value to their customers. Tickets and stability at the cost of saying no are no longer the key value of IT. It's now about increasing developer velocity by partnering with the business..."

The State Of DevOps Report 2019 Is Out, September 4th, 2019
The Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2019 is out like every other year. Now, let's talk about the key findings of this year's survey

"The Industry Continues to Improve, Particularly Among the Elite Performers: Proportion of high performers have tripled, now comprising 20% of all teams. This shows the improvement is real for those who really are doing the right things.

Delivering Software Quickly, Reliably and Safely Is at the Heart of Technology Transformation and Organizational Performance: It is evident that speed, stability and availability leads to organizational performance in terms of profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Best Strategies for Scaling DevOps in Organizations Focus on Structural Solutions that Build Community: High performers favor strategies that create community structures at both high and low levels of organization. Having established community of practices, having proof of concepts, helps them become more resilient and successful. Dojos are becoming more and more important..."

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