What are the key industries that are ripe for disruption as AI becomes more pervasive? Here, we explore the biggest AI predictions

"Over the next three years, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) will dramatically reshape the customer experience across nearly all industries, with most major businesses providing some type of AI-centred customer experience. Today, 43% of businesses are already leveraging some form of AI, according to Aberdeen Research.

AI predictions

AI is a way of providing new, novel experiences that are useful and helpful to people..."

How To Make A Career Switch Into AI: 8 Tips
The Enterprisers Project, September 5th, 2019
How can you switch from another IT specialty into AI? Experts say there's still time: Try these transition tips to start building an AI career path

"Artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise is poised for significant growth, so it's no wonder savvy IT professionals are looking for ways to align their career trajectories with it. Indeed, there was a 29 percent increase in the number of AI jobs listed on Indeed from May 2018 to May 2019, and a concurrent 15 decrease in candidate searches for AI roles, suggesting a potential shortage of AI experts on which IT pros could capitalize. (For more, see AI careers and salaries: 7 telling statistics)..."

Not Worried About Unethical AI? You Should Be
Information Age, September 5th, 2019
What is your organisation's attitude to AI? As the technology becomes more pervasive, the problem of unethical AI must be addressed

"As AI becomes more pervasive, employers, tech leaders and employees must start to discuss the problems brought by unethical AI.

AI is the hot technology of the moment, expected to be applied by businesses to various use cases and problems in the next few years across a variety of sectors. But, ethical discussions are lagging. According to a study from Genesys, more than half of the employers questioned in a multi-country opinion survey said their companies do not currently have a written policy on the ethical use of AI or bots, although 21% expressed a definite concern that their companies could use AI in an unethical manner..."

Survey shows business process automation and customer support are the low-hanging fruit with initial AI rollouts, but many organizations are moving on to tackle data analytics

"Why do enterprises buy into artificial intelligence systems? Where are they investing the most? As you go to your C-suites and boards with new concepts, where should you direct your pitches? Business process automation and customer support are foremost on the minds of executives and managers buying or implementing AI systems, and where many of the budget dollars..."

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