San Francisco 49ers Up Their Game With Citrix
Citrix News, September 5th, 2019
September 5, 2019,
Volume 258, Issue 1

Team leverages digital workspace solutions to drive superior performance on and off the field

When the San Francisco 49ers kick off the regular season Sunday, their fans will be treated to a world-class entertainment experience, thanks to some off-season moves the team made to transform its operations. With the help of its innovation partner, Citrix Systems, Inc., the 49ers have created a digital workspace in which its team off the field can efficiently and securely collaborate to deliver a superior product on the field that delights 'The Faithful' around the world.

The 49ers have a long history of innovation. 'It's in our DNA and goes all the way back to Bill Walsh creating the West Coast Offense,' says team President, Al Guido. 'We were the first team to have this offense and everyone has since taken and expanded upon it.'

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