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While some companies flirt with digital transformation, experimenting with one-off projects, others make it a key pillar of their enterprise business strategies

"Welcome to the Summer 2019 digital issue of CIO featuring winners of our annual CIO 100 awards and hall of fame honorees. In these pages, you'll learn how leading organizations are scaling innovation, what it takes to shift to revenue-driven IT, and why it may be time for a new IT operating model..."

Dependence on technology execution is growing as 95% of IT leaders say at least two of the C-suite's top-three priorities rely on them, McKinsey found

"The growing reliance on technology speaks to urgency: McKinsey's research found CEOs are prioritizing revenue acceleration and improved agility over reducing business costs.

For businesses, cloud has emerged as a technology savior. Migrations to "as a service" models can end an expensive reliance on technology notoriously difficult to upgrade, let alone modernize..."

Businesses need to bring together the silos of contact centers and marketing to have a true view of customer experience

"A few years back, Walker Research came out with a study reporting that by 2020, customer experience (CX) standards will overtake price and every other factor to be the top brand differentiator. This was certainly a bold prediction, although it proved to be conservative.

My own research shows that it's already the top differentiator. Evidence of this comes from a ZK Research study that found that in 2018 about two-thirds of millennials admitted to changing loyalties to a brand because of a bad experience..."

CIOs: Time To Reinvent Your Supply Chains
InformationWeek, August 16th, 2019
Beat the large e-commerce giants at their own game: Create end-to-end supply chain prediction and orchestration supported through four enabling technologies

"Retailers and consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies are ground zero for a phenomenon we call 'blurring of supply chains". Today, e-commerce sellers and marketplaces, and new tech-savvy delivery platforms threaten to reimagine, merge and potentially destroy the formerly clear-cut categories of 'consumer,' 'retailer' and 'manufacturer.' As e-commerce giants unveil new capabilities by mining their enormous data sets, retailers and CPG firms are forced to keep pace to stay competitive..."

Enterprise Guide To Digital Transformation
InformationWeek, August 13th, 2019
Don't let IT modernization be the bane of your existence. This curated collection of articles will give you more clarity and help you get started.

"I've been in the tech industry for a while, so I'm used to buzz words and phrases du jour. The one that has driven me the craziest, though, is 'digital transformation' (aka, digitization, digitalization, IT transformation, IT modernization, DX - ugh). I can feel my eyes automatically roll back every time I see a new press release on the topic.

But digital transformation isn't really a buzz phrase anymore. Amorphous and annoying as it can be, it's taking hold and everyone's paying attention..."

Experts discuss the five moves CIOs should be making right now to ensure they are prepared to take hold of 5G as it becomes more available to enterprises

"The majority of CIOs expect to seize on 5G -- the fifth-generation cellular network technology -- as it becomes available and they plan to move fast.

A survey of 185 organizations by Gartner Inc. showed that 66% already have plans for 5G deployment by 2020. Meanwhile, a recent study by Spiceworks found that 55% of IT business decision-makers plan to adopt 5G devices within a year of availability..."

Why Digital Transformations Fail: 3 Steps You Can't Skip
The Enterprisers Project, August 14th, 2019
Why do 70 percent of all transformations fail? Successful transformation requires three specific steps - and too many leaders skip at least one

"Digital transformation is a trillion-dollar industry and the number-one priority for most IT and business leaders. So why do 70 percent of all transformations fail?

In my work during three decades, I've learned that successful digital transformation requires a series of specific steps: Committed ownership, strategy sufficiency, and effective change management. Skipping even one of these can cause problems..."

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