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Is SD-WAN A Better Bet For Unified Communications?
InformationWeek, August 9th, 2019
As momentum continues to build for managed services with SD-WAN, providers try to make the case to migrate communications to these networks

"When organizations plan for digital transformation, there might be some discussion of bringing managed services, such as SD-WAN, into the mix. Many enterprises may have on-premise unified communications, but some vendors are pitching the possibility of running such services over software-defined, wide area networks. This push might ride the wave of growth expected for migration to managed services..."

The Network Edge: Stretching The Boundaries Of Sd-Wan
Network Computing, August 7th, 2019
Given where SD-WAN resides strategically in the network and its management capabilities, it has become the platform of choice for the evolution of the network edge

"The advent of SD-WAN has dramatically disrupted the enterprise networking landscape in the last five years. Industry experts and analysts opine that it is unlike anything they have seen in decades in the networking arena. Leading SD-WAN solutions have enabled dramatic real-time application performance improvements, simplicity, and automation for implementation and management of wide-area networks, and optimized cloud access..."

What Effect Will 400 GbE Have On Enterprise Networks?
SearchNetworking, August 7th, 2019
400 Gigabit Ethernet is the next hurdle for Ethernet capabilities to surpass. But enterprises may not be prepared for this technology yet, due to its immaturity

"Network traffic across the internet, within data centers and in end-user networks has increased rapidly over time and shows no signs of stopping. While 100 Gigabit Ethernet, or GbE, technology has only been available for a few years, a variety of applications already show a need for even higher data rates.

Industry experts expect large public cloud providers to be the initial adopters of 400 GbE switches. Yet, as links in cloud server racks upgrade to 50 or 100 Gb, IT teams must upgrade their network backbones to carry increasing amounts of traffic..."

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