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Advances in technology are making it possible to embed enhancing computing power in small devices and extract live streaming data from them at near-live speeds

"In the areas of sensing technology, these advances in coexistence with computing and communication technologies are resulting in a universe of interconnected devices usually referred to as the IoT (Internet of Things).

While this capability allows generation of data at scale, the advancements in machine learning have allowed developing models on this data that is increasing continuously. Big data analytics is playing a significant role and becoming increasingly important with an increase in the penetration of connection-ready devices, and the IoT related technologies..."

3 Ways IoT Developers Can Make Their Applications More Secure

"When the IoT was still young, IoT application developers got away with making security an afterthought, as they built prototypes and minimum viable products designed to demonstrate the different ways the IoT could be used to transform the way we work, play and live. But the IoT has matured and grown to the point where today, Gartner estimates there were 8.4 billion connected things in 2017 and forecasts there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices deployed by 2020. With this growth has come a massive increase in number and sophistication of IoT security attacks, and the need for developers to make security not just a priority, but a top priority..."

IoT and blockchain: A powerful pairing that doesn't yet live up to its promise

"The internet of things (IoT) and blockchain -- they should go together like strawberries and cream, right? What could make more sense than a constant stream of data about devices, their state, and their use, combined with a distributed and trustworthy mechanism for anyone to read or say things about the data?..."

The Future Of IoT Devices Is In Question
Data Center Knowledge, August 8th, 2019
While IoT devices and technology were all you heard about for a while, the buzz has dimmed. Here's why and what developers need to know about the future of IoT

"Until very recently, the future of IoT seemed golden, but if you feel like you've been hearing less and less about the internet of things, you're probably right. Is it just a matter of the future of IoT becoming the mainstream present of IoT, or is the fervor around the promise of IoT devices dimming? That's a question that many IT pros have likely been asking lately. To answer it, here's a look at current trends in the IoT ecosystem, as well as the challenges that IoT developers need to solve--pronto--if IoT is to keep growing as fast as analysts promised a few years ago..."

Why The Network Is Central To IoT Security
Dark Reading, August 5th, 2019
s there something strange about your network activity? Better make sure all of your IoT devices are under control

"In a large school district, there was a digital sign for a snack area that no one had thought about for months. Eventually, the snack area was removed, yet the sign was still plugged into the district's network. For months, it turns out, the sign had been compromised by attackers and was communicating with 100 different countries..."

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