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Backups can return your enterprises to a known good state. So it's essential to secure them by aligning your backup and security strategies for better protection and recovery

"The increase in cyberattacks over the last couple of years is staggering. With this rise in attack frequency and the overall cost of prevention and remediation so high, it's reasonable to assume a cyberattack is a much more probable cause of taking down your organization than any natural disaster. It's therefore imperative to secure your data and protect backups from ransomware and other security risks..."

The top 100 online backup companies from Backup Review are grouped into 4 categories: Consumer, SMB, Enterprise and Enablers

"The top 100 online backup companies from Backup Review are grouped into 4 categories:

  • Consumer - for the general consumers
  • SMB - for SMB
  • Enterprise - for large enterprise corporations
  • Enablers - for enablers, channel, white label companies

The top 100 online backup companies are determined mainly based on these criteria outlined in this article: How Do I Choose the Best Online Backup Provider?

In addition to the points specified in the above link, was also taken into consideration news releases companies publish in the preceding month, server stability, reports from analysts's mystery shoppers, own reviews, the company's culture and ethics, users' feedback, company corporate blogs, and more..."

Multi-cloud data backup is taking off as organizations seek ways to further protect their workloads. With many threats out there, it's important to have data backed up off-site

"Planning for multi-cloud backup tends to be tricky, because every environment involving multiple clouds is different. As you develop an approach for protecting a multi-cloud environment, you must consider which clouds you are using, what services you are running within each cloud and what your data protection goals are for each of the cloud-based resources..."

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