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IT - CxO
Are We Making Leadership Too Hard?
Business 2 Community, August 7th, 2019
Have we made a bad habit of organizing things too much in business? Obviously, budgets, reporting structures, policies all must have some semblance of organization but what about leadership?
The Future Of IT Leadership: 5 New Roles CIOs Must Master
CIO, August 5th, 2019
If you think technology leaders' jobs have changed a lot over the past few years, just wait. Here are five new roles all CIOs must take on in the years ahead
3 Myths Of Modernizing Legacy IT Systems
GDN, August 8th, 2019
The days of holding onto legacy IT systems are over.
5 Underappreciated Skills For Leading Digital Transformation
The Enterprisers Project, August 7th, 2019
Let's talk about the power of a well-placed question - and other underrated skills for leaders doing digital transformation work
How One CIO Overcame The Challenges Of Shadow Apps
SearchCIO, August 9th, 2019
CIO John Rathje explains how he's tackling shadow IT challenges in the recruiting admissions process at Kent State by deploying a data integration tier that supports data movement
Is Shadow IT Still A Problem?
Business 2 Community, August 7th, 2019
Shadow IT: you've probably heard of it. Also known as Stealth IT, this refers to information technology (IT) systems built and used within organizations without explicit organizational approval or deployed by departments other than the IT department
IT Leadership's New Rules Of Engagement
CIO, August 7th, 2019
CIOs driving digital transformation are operating from a different playbook than in the past, including more focus on customers, business strategy, and oversight of new revenue and functional areas
Nissan CIO: Driving Toward A Digital Future
CIO, August 9th, 2019
With information technology driving unprecedented transformative change in the automobile industry, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. CIO Anthony (Tony) Thomas has set a lofty goal for his company
IT - Storage
78.6 Million HDDs Shipped WW In 2CQ19, Up 1.2% Q/Q In Slight Progression - Trenfocus, August 8th, 2019
Nearline units/exabytes rise 13%/19%, respectively on renewed cloud/hyperscale demand
IT - Security
Famous Social Engineering Attacks: 12 Crafty Cons
CSO Online, August 6th, 2019
Playing nice and doing what you're told makes you easy prey for con artists
It's (Still) The Password, Stupid!
Dark Reading, August 9th, 2019
The best way to protect your identity in cyberspace is the simplest: Use a variety of strong passwords, and never, ever, use "123456" no matter how easy it is to type
Protect Yourself: How To Choose The Right Two-Factor Authenticator App
ZDNet, August 5th, 2019
The single most important security precaution you can take with high-value online accounts is to enable a mobile device as a secondary identity factor
Security Think Tank: Security Is A Business, Not An IT Function
ComputerWeekly, August 8th, 2019
How can infosec pros and data architects work together to support business goals and achieve a good level of cyber security?
10 Customer Experience Lessons From A CRM Pioneer And Trailblazer
ZDNet, August 5th, 2019
Eighty-four percent of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services
How To Align Marketing And Sales With CRM For Lead Generation And Business Growth
CustomerThink, August 6th, 2019
Did you know that aligning your marketing and sales teams can help to dramatically improve your brand's performance resulting in rapid business growth?
On CRM: The One Big Problem With These 11 Open-Sourced CRM Applications
Forbes, August 7th, 2019
A shout-out to Ankush Das, a tech blogger who put together a really nice list of 11 "open-source" CRM applications for the Linux-focused website It's FOSS
vBeersPlus @ General Provision Downtown Ft. Lauderdale
Wednesday, August 14th, 2019: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
vBeersPlus events include sponsorships - recruitment, community, commercial
C-Suite Speak: How HR Can Get Better Buy-In From The CEO
HR Dive, August 8th, 2019
"I get a lot of 'Nos,'" said one DMEC 2019 attendee. Others asked speakers how to better share their solutions to complicated issues, like paid leave, with the CEO
Four Technology-Driven Hiring Trends
InformationWeek, August 5th, 2019
It's been a challenging year for businesses seeking to hire CIOs and technical experts in fields as diverse as machine learning and mobile network technology.
6 Reasons Why AI Projects Fail
CIO, August 6th, 2019
Data issues are among the chief reasons why AI projects fall short of expectations. But if you can learn from the mistakes and commit to the long term, your AI efforts are more likely to pay off
AI Careers And Salaries: 7 Telling Statistics
The Enterprisers Project, August 6th, 2019
What are the most in-demand and highest-paying artificial intelligence jobs now? Where is demand strongest? How many jobs will AI create? Let's examine the data
AI Ethics Guidelines Every CIO Should Read
Information Age, August 7th, 2019
You don't need to come up with an AI ethics framework out of thin air. Here are five of the best resources to get technology and ethics leaders started
AI Will Drive Business Value Via Decision Support, Human Augmentation
ZDNet, August 5th, 2019
Gartner paints a nice hybrid AI approach where humans and machines work together through 2030 to drive business value
Use These Artificial Intelligence Tools And Improve Your Marketing Strategy
Business 2 Community, August 9th, 2019
Today I have some marketing tools for a winning artificial intelligence strategy. Here's four links with tips and tricks to kick start your work week
IT - Humor
Maybe Everyone In IT Should Go Hiking Every Weekend
Computerworld, August 9th, 2019
You don't get what you don't pay for
Throwback Thursday: Concept Confirmed
ComputerWorld, August 8th, 2019
Trust, but verify, remember?
IT - Technology
AMD Launches Epyc Rome, First 7nm CPU
HPCWire, August 8th, 2019
The new AMD Epyc 7002 series is a follow-on to the first-gen 14nm Epyc Naples CPUs, released in June 2017
IT - Bitcoin
Bitcoin Is King Of The Cryptos - Can It Take Over Smart Contract Platforms Too?
TechWorm, August 5th, 2019
In the earliest days of Bitcoin, many of those in the space were fascinated by the potential of a peer-to-peer electronic store of value, referring to it as "digital gold'"
IT - Blockchain
No Humans Required: Commerzbank Develops Blockchain Payments For Automated Trucks
CoinDesk, August 8th, 2019
Commerzbank has developed a blockchain-based solution for machine-to-machine payments that it says could be used to allow automated trucks to pay for power charging without the need for a human to get out their wallet
ERP Is Evolving As Innovation Gateways Unlock Creativity In Enterprise IT
diginomica, August 8th, 2019
ERP is evolving as Innovation Gateways bring new technologies that add flexibility to core systems, writes Infor's Massimo Capoccia
The Top ERP Software Selection Criteria
Solutions Review, August 9th, 2019
Selecting the right ERP tool for your business is no easy task
What's Your Favorite Open Source BI Software?, August 5th, 2019
What business intelligence applications are you using to gather and share insights from your data? Please let us know in our poll
How Data Analytics Tools Eliminate Business Owner Headaches
SmartDataCollective, August 7th, 2019
Data analytics tools eliminate business owner headaches in all kinds of powerful and helpful ways. Here's what to know about the benefits
The Need For Speed In Analytics
Business 2 Community, August 8th, 2019
Even though Usain Bolt ran the 100m dash in 9.58 seconds, his speed is no match for the sub-second-by-second power of real-time analytics
6 Questions To Audit The State Of Your Company's Analytics Infrastructure
SmartDataCollective, August 9th, 2019
If you're curious about the state of your company's analytics infrastructure, these six questions can help you gain a better understanding of the situation
The Impact Of AR And VR Will Be As Big As The Internet
Information Age, August 5th, 2019
Kelly Goetsch, chief product officer at commercetools, is convinced that when AR and VR come of age, the impact of the technologies will be comparable to the internet boom of 1995
VR Is Ahead For Now, But AR Will Be A Larger Market In The Long Run
Information Age, August 8th, 2019
PwC's head of AR and VR, Jeremy Dalton, says that the augmented reality market will be larger in the long run than virtual reality
Virtual Reality Shows New Promise For Some Kinds Of Surgical Training
Business 2 Community, August 5th, 2019
A recent validation study conducted by the David Geffen School of Medicine indicates that virtual reality could provide significant benefits to surgical training
Time Management Best Practices For Remote Teams
Business 2 Community, August 8th, 2019
Remote teams are slowly becoming the new norm as many employees choose to work without geographical constraints, while businesses look for new talent outside their immediate surroundings
IT - Operations
How To Keep Your Web Servers Secure
Dark Reading, August 5th, 2019
The good news is that Web servers have come a long way in terms of security. But to err is human, even for IT and security people
The High Cost Of Downtime [Infographic]
Business 2 Community, August 5th, 2019
There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, but only 1 in 4 organizations feel prepared to handle such a breach of security
3 Things You Don't Know About Open Source
TechRepublic, August 9th, 2019
Open source success is supposed to be easy to measure, but here are some indicators you may not have considered
LibreOffice 6.3 Open-Source Office Suite Officially Released, Here's What's New
Softpedia News, August 9th, 2019
The Document Foundation released today the LibreOffice 6.3 open-source and cross-platform office suite for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms
Open Source Has Never Been Stronger
InfoWorld, August 8th, 2019
With cloud companies open-sourcing their innovations, and enterprises increasing participation, open source sustainability is at an all-time high
Open Source Is Good, But How Can IT Do Good?
Linux Journal, August 5th, 2019
Open-source coders: we know you are good - now do good
The Convergence Of HPC And AI
inside HPC, August 5th, 2019
In this special guest feature, Bill Wagner from Bright Computing writes that the convergence of HPC & AI presents new challenges for containers, job scheduling, and system management
IT - DevOps
4 Bonuses Of Building A DevOps Culture
The Enterprisers Project, August 6th, 2019
Building a DevOps culture, with a focus on continuous improvement, takes hard work
Experts Attempt To Explain Devops - And Almost Succeed
Linux Journal, August 7th, 2019
What is DevOps? How does it relate to other ideas and methodologies within software development?
IT - Cloud
6 Multi-Cloud Storage Challenges That Affect Strategic Plans
SearchStorage, August 8th, 2019
Using multiple cloud storage providers can affect more than just how and where your data is stored. Discover the areas you need to consider to improve performance and costs
Cloud Adoption Questions Every IT Admin Should Ask
SearchITOperations, August 8th, 2019
For all of a cloud service's benefits, there are limitations, such as restricted access to infrastructure, that cause IT teams to be leery of adoption
Cloud For Healthcare Transforms CIO Skeptics Into Believers
SearchHealthIT, August 9th, 2019
Although healthcare's initial foray into the cloud was rocky, to say the least, the industry has now had time to adjust to the technology and its benefits
Get To Know Multi-Cloud Storage Challenges And Advantages
SearchStorage, August 8th, 2019
The use of multiple clouds is taking off in the enterprise. A recent Gartner survey of public cloud users found 81% of respondents were working with two or more providers
Multi-Cloud By The Numbers: 11 Interesting Stats
The Enterprisers Project, August 7th, 2019
How widely are organizations using multiple cloud services? How will that trend evolve? How do containers and Kubernetes fit in?
When Converged And Hyper-Converged - And Cloud - Converge
SearchConvergedInfrastructure, August 8th, 2019
Price, ease of management and use cases should determine if you use hyper-converged, converged infrastructure or on-premises public cloud stacks. There are differences, however
3 Tips For Leading Cloud Adoption: Twin Cities CIO Of The Year Winners Share
The Enterprisers Project, August 9th, 2019
You will face skeptics as you move more applications and workloads into the cloud model. Three award-winning CIOs share advice on how to shift mindsets
IT - Wireless
5 Unexpected Bumps On The Road To 5G
StateTech, August 5th, 2019
City governments should consider heavy antennas, fuzzy weather forecasting and other unexpected surprises from the front lines of early 5G network testing
The Future Of 5G Is Open And Software-Defined
Network Computing, August 8th, 2019
Imagine what an open, software-defined model will do to help IT managers meet the need for faster, more flexible, and more secure systems and platforms for 5G
IT - Networks
Is SD-WAN A Better Bet For Unified Communications?
InformationWeek, August 9th, 2019
As momentum continues to build for managed services with SD-WAN, providers try to make the case to migrate communications to these networks
The Network Edge: Stretching The Boundaries Of Sd-Wan
Network Computing, August 7th, 2019
Given where SD-WAN resides strategically in the network and its management capabilities, it has become the platform of choice for the evolution of the network edge
What Effect Will 400 GbE Have On Enterprise Networks?
SearchNetworking, August 7th, 2019
400 Gigabit Ethernet is the next hurdle for Ethernet capabilities to surpass. But enterprises may not be prepared for this technology yet, due to its immaturity
IT - IoT
Why Big Data Analytics Is Crucial To How The IoT Works And Grows
Information Age, August 7th, 2019
Advances in technology are making it possible to embed enhancing computing power in small devices and extract live streaming data from them at near-live speeds
3 Ways IoT Developers Can Make Their Applications More Secure, August 6th, 2019
3 Ways IoT Developers Can Make Their Applications More Secure
IoT And Blockchain: Are We There Yet?
ZDNet, August 8th, 2019
IoT and blockchain: A powerful pairing that doesn't yet live up to its promise
The Future Of IoT Devices Is In Question
Data Center Knowledge, August 8th, 2019
While IoT devices and technology were all you heard about for a while, the buzz has dimmed. Here's why and what developers need to know about the future of IoT
Why The Network Is Central To IoT Security
Dark Reading, August 5th, 2019
s there something strange about your network activity? Better make sure all of your IoT devices are under control
IT - Careers
5 IT Hiring Mistakes Leaders Are In Denial About
The Enterprisers Project, August 9th, 2019
Why is IT hiring so hard? Bad news, IT leaders: You're to blame for believing in unicorns and allowing drawn-out interview processes that keep good candidates waiting too long
News Flash: You're Accountable For Your Success
Business 2 Community, August 5th, 2019
In the changing world of work, you can futureproof your employability by banishing complacency and re-inventing yourself
IT - Virtualization
Understand Private Cloud Best Practices Before Adoption
SearchServerVirtualization, August 9th, 2019
The advantages of a private cloud include resource control and performance issue prevention, but admins can't obtain these benefits without first following a few best practices
IT - Compliance
11 New State Privacy And Security Laws Explained: Is Your Business Ready?
CSO Online, August 8th, 2019
States from Maine to California have recently enacted privacy, data security, cybersecurity, and data breach notification laws. We break down what each of these laws entails
IT - Email
Best Practices For An Abandonment Email Strategy
Business 2 Community, August 8th, 2019
While e-commerce has grown in the past decade, abandonment remains a major issue for online retailers. Case in point: 77% of all online shoppers abandoned their carts in 2017
IT - Backup
Protect Backups From Ransomware And Other Security Risks
SearchDataBackup, August 8th, 2019
Backups can return your enterprises to a known good state. So it's essential to secure them by aligning your backup and security strategies for better protection and recovery
Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies For August 2019 - Backup Review, August 5th, 2019
The top 100 online backup companies from Backup Review are grouped into 4 categories: Consumer, SMB, Enterprise and Enablers
Multi-Cloud Backup And Recovery Best Practices And Offerings
SearchDataBackup, August 9th, 2019
Multi-cloud data backup is taking off as organizations seek ways to further protect their workloads. With many threats out there, it's important to have data backed up off-site
Should You Allow Your Staff To Access Personal Stuff Online While At Work?
Business 2 Community, August 9th, 2019
Productivity in the workplace is falling. If people were as productive as they were just ten years ago, businesses would be producing 20% more outputs than the were in 2009
IT - Big Data
Best Practices For Deploying Data Lakes
InformationWeek, August 9th, 2019
With data changing and growing so rapidly, the need to get value out of your data is even more urgent. Here's some advice about how to approach data lakes
Data Catalogs Seen As Difference Makers In Big Data
datanami, August 7th, 2019
You can't get insights using big data techniques without the data. That much is clear. But where, exactly, is the data you need?
How Data Analytics Improve Business Decisions
insideBIGDATA, August 9th, 2019
Data analytics have long been seen as a valuable way for businesses to refine their marketing and improve their communication
The Real Big-Data Problem And Why Only Machine Learning Can Fix It
siliconAngle, August 9th, 2019
Why do so many companies still struggle to build a smooth-running pipeline from data to insights?
IT - Encryption
Encryption And Lawful Access; The Problem With Barr's Judgement
Information Age, August 5th, 2019
US Attorney General William Barr has reignited the debate over lawful access, but cybersecurity expert, Callum Tennent argues that if governments are given the power to break encryption these powers will be abused
The Key To Enterprisewide Encryption
Dark Reading, August 7th, 2019
Security teams have been slow to embrace enterprisewide encryption, and for good reasons. But the truth is, it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor
IT - Tape
WW Tape Market To Reach $ 6,527.2 Million In 2026 -Persistence Market Research, August 7th, 2019
Tape storage technology finds common applications in small, medium, and large enterprises for the purpose of backup and data archiving
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