Continuous improvement (also called Kaizen or Lean) is a popular approach to enhance productivity by achieving small goals

"Real-time data and advanced analytics can help ensure that each production cycle is better than the last, improving employee performance, and enabling long-term success of the organization. In this article, we talk about:

  • What continuous improvement means for HR
  • Four types of HR analytics needed to improve productivity continually
  • Why system integration is the bedrock of effective HR analytics To improve productivity, organizations need to maximize the value from their people assets. But in many ways, traditional working models hinder this process, because they don't offer on-time insights..."

It's the age of data -- and data analytics is revolutionizing HR

"Accenture calculated that there is $3.1 trillion in U.S. revenue opportunity for large publicly listed companies from new sources of digitally available workplace data.

But is HR prepared to optimize this opportunity?

HR has long been seen as the custodian of 'hard' data, such as cost of employment, cost of turnover, absenteeism, labor costs and the like. All of this information is critical, but it's a lagging indicator of performance and productivity. By the time the numbers are in, it's too late to change the strategy..."

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