Do disaster recovery and cost drive hybrid cloud adoption?

"Hybrid cloud has evolved to becoming a major differentiator in today's technology landscape. Whilst security was often touted as a major challenge for those businesses considering cloud adoption, the hybrid cloud model has ushered in greater agility and security compared to the other cloud models. Whilst hybrid cloud has emerged as the next step in the evolution of cloud computing, what do we mean when we talk about the hybrid cloud? Is it just a varied number of IT solutions offered up by vendors looking to close more sales in a very competitive environment?..."

The key things to consider when creating a disaster recovery plan that uses public cloud: DIY vs DRaaS, native cloud tools vs third party, and how low can you go with RPO and RTO?

"Public cloud storage has lots of use cases where its agility, scale and commercial flexibility make it an attractive proposition.

One such use case is disaster recovery (DR), and in this article we will look at why public cloud has the potential to be a useful part of DR strategy.

We will look at what disaster recovery methods can be employed, what tools we can use to assist us and when DR-as-a-service (DRaaS) providers may be a better option..."

Disaster recovery capability is a key factor in implementing hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, a new Teradici study reveals

"Of the respondents who had implemented a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, which was just over half of the respondent group, 87% considered it to be an important part of their disaster recovery readiness. The ability to shift workloads from one cloud to another was a key factor, with 34% of those who have done so citing disaster recovery as the motivation..."

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