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Why Networking Certifications No Longer Matter
SearchNetworking, July 3rd, 2019
Networking certifications have consistently been an important milestone for network professionals. But diverse network infrastructure, automation and UI upgrades could change that

"For decades, earning networking certifications has been an important career-building step. With certain trends within the networking industry, though, I believe many of these certifications will soon no longer matter.

Networking certifications grew in importance for two reasons. First, the certification industry emerged because networking vendors did such a poor job designing their user interfaces. For years, the command-line interface (CLI) was the only way to configure networking devices..."

Many successful people attribute part of their professional success to having a mentor

"Mentors provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to us, they guide us through challenges and increase our likelihood of success, they lift us up and take our success personally.

They are invaluable.

So why do only 37% of professionals have one?

Olivet Nazarene University wondered why too. They recently surveyed 3,000 people about professional mentor-mentee relationships to see what they look like in 2019..."

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