Marketers need to plan as to how to use data and business intelligence (BI) reporting to create and manage client relationships

"Spotting and leveraging a trend has always been the primary concern for the marketers. The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will still be critical in the near future, yet the trends won't merely revolve around data acquisition, but also on how marketers plan to use the data and the use of Business intelligence (BI) reporting to create and manage client relationships. Based on the above considerations, here are the areas where the marketers should strongly focus on:

Focusing on Data Quality

Marketers must ensure that their systems are in place to manage the massive amounts of data their company is accountable for along with the accuracy and timeliness of the data..."

Enterprise Business Intelligence
Gigaom, July 1st, 2019
Industrial Strength Meets Modern Innovation

"Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI), in contrast to the newer self-service BI (SSBI) paradigm, has been around for several decades and has reached an impressive state of maturity and widespread adoption. It emphasizes stability, governance, an extensive feature set, industry-specific capabilities, and a measured, deliberate pace of enhancements over a long period. The industry has taken on board lessons learned from the SSBI product category and begun modernizing the user experience, introducing machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities, and enabling cloud deployment options. Its vendors have also succeeded in keeping pricing robust enough for healthy revenue growth..."

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