Understanding RPA For The Enterprise
Information Age, July 4th, 2019
July 4, 2019,
Volume 256, Issue 1

Understanding RPA is difficult in this increasingly saturated and confusing market, in this article, Blue Prism's Colin Redbond defines what it means to him and his team

"RPA technology's potential to drive seismic change across the world's workplace has created a rapidly expanding market. Currently, over 40 companies offer some form of RPA and all possess a vastly different heritage - which means that not all RPA solutions are created equal. Selecting the wrong solution is often the cause of failed projects, the introduction of 'shadow IT', or worse. Therefore, in this increasingly confusing and saturated market, we feel that it's important to define why our RPA is designed to be 'enterprise strength' and why it's very different from the rest..."

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