Beyond Limits: Rethinking The Next Generation Of AI
ComputerWorld, June 28th , 2019
June 28, 2019,
Volume 255, Issue 4

A new AI company called Beyond Limits took an idea from space exploration and turned it into a fascinating new self-training AI

"This new AI - which is already being used in finance, healthcare and petrochemical industries - represents an impressive breakthrough for certain AI implementations that require high levels of autonomy...

I had an interesting talk with AJ Abdallat, CEO of a small firm called Beyond Limits doing interesting things with AI. Their differentiator is that their AI's decisions can be audited, and the AI itself can be edited at a granular level so corrections generally don't require retraining. As I was listening it struck me that if we could do this with people, particularly young teenagers, top executives, criminals and politicians we could almost instantly make the world a better safer place..."

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