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5G Will Augment Wi-Fi, Not Replace It
Networkworld, June 4th, 2019
Jeff Lipton, vice president of strategy and corporate development at Aruba, adds a dose of reality to the 5G hype

"There's arguably no technology topic that's currently hotter than 5G. It was a major theme of the most recent Mobile World Congress show and has reared its head in other events such as Enterprise Connect and almost every vendor event I attend.

Some vendors have positioned 5G as a panacea to all network problems and predict it will eradicate all other forms of networking. Views like that are obviously extreme, but I do believe that 5G will have an impact on the networking industry and is something that network engineers should be aware of..."

Cost, complexity, security, training, troubleshooting and software bugs are some of the top disadvantages of SD-WAN. See how these issues affect SD-WAN deployment

"Software-defined WANs deliver clear benefits and have reached a maturity level that warrants consideration for customers with branch offices. However, enterprises must also weigh the disadvantages of SD-WAN before they decide to adopt the technology.

Check out this list of some of the top disadvantages of SD-WAN:

Cost. SD-WAN will increase costs in the near term, but provide operational efficiency and savings in the long term. The underlying WAN circuit cost may not immediately change, but you will have additional software licensing for this new layer of software. Long-term savings may eventually come from circuit changes or optimization, but the savings won't come immediately..."

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