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Why Digital Trust Matters In The IoT
Information Age, June 6th, 2019
As IoT adoption continues to rise, business success in the world of connected devices depends on building digital trust with consumers

"As more and more enterprises realise the potential and versatility of IoT its rate of deployment is growing exponentially. A report released by Vodafone earlier this year found that 34% of businesses worldwide are now using IoT - 70% of whom have moved passed the pilot stages.

The rapid rate of IoT uptake amongst enterprises looks set to continue, with market analysis by Zinnov predicting global spending on IoT technology-based products and services by enterprises to reach $253bn in 2021..."

Edge computing, IoT and AI can be confusing terms individually; combine the three and confusion only grows. Learn three key rules for deploying AI and IoT at the edge of your network.

"Edge computing. IoT. AI.

It's hard to read a headline lately without at least one of these technologies making an appearance. To say they are overhyped is an understatement. Many enterprises have difficulty deciphering how to plan for deploying one of the three, let alone combining them. Even beside the hype, all three technologies are relatively new.

So, how can an enterprise plan for a deployment of AI and IoT at the edge? The answer is to look at the three technology topics individually, then view them as a unit, to have any chance at successful implementation..."

The IoT -- and IoMT -- will ensure significant streamlining in healthcare, meaning the best possible results for everyone

"Medicine and healthcare have always been at the forefront of emerging technology. The desire to heal has driven advances in human knowledge and achievement since time immemorial, and medical science has always aligned with technological revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) has massive potential for bringing diagnostics and disease management into the modern age, empowering the user and enabling truly person-centred care. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices in the home and in hospitals are already being used to improve safety and efficiency in social and health care..."

Learn how research of predictive analytics can impact models used in the transportation sector

"When you hear the phrase 'Internet of Things', you may picture smart watches, smart speakers, and home appliances of every purpose. Some companies, however, imagine the logistics of their own things -- transportation fleets -- and how to best manage them with their distribution operations. Predictive analytics plays a central role in deriving value from the real-time data of IoT devices. With vehicles being networked, what opportunities are businesses driving toward for strategic advantage?..."

The internet of things is helping CIOs collect more data than ever. Here IT leaders share how IoT is helping to transform manufacturing, agriculture, and museums

"Enterprises replatforming for the digital era are thirsty for data. That thirst is spurring a proliferation of internet of things (IoT) implementations across several sectors, including industrial manufacturing, agriculture and retail.

Unlimited connectivity, ubiquitous data supplies and massive processing power have been a boon for IoT, which includes sensors that gather data about anything from room temperature and lighting levels to the performance of industrial machines, said Jeanne W. Ross, principal research scientist of MIT SCISR, at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in May..."

Global spending on IIoT Platforms for Manufacturing is predicted to grow from $1.67B in 2018 to $12.44B in 2024, attaining a 40% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in seven years.

"IIoT platforms are beginning to replace MES and related applications, including production maintenance, quality, and inventory management, which are a mix of Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) technologies.

Connected IoT technologies are enabling a new era of smart, connected products that often expand on the long-proven platforms of everyday products. Capgemini estimates that the size of the connected products market will be $519B to $685B by 2020.

These and many other fascinating insights are from IoT Analytics' study, IIoT Platforms For Manufacturing 2019 - 2024 (155 pp., PDF, client access reqd). IoT Analytics is a leading provider of market insights for the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry 4.0..."

Carnival has equipped three of its cruise ships with a slew of wireless technologies aimed at enhancing the passenger experience

"I was recently invited onto the Royal Princess cruise ship docked in San Francisco to see what Carnival is calling the largest Internet of Things deployment and how it and other wireless technologies such as passenger location improve the cruise experience.

It was the first time Carnival had invited journalists to see what it has dubbed as the 'first real example of a smart city'..."

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