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Email users continue to be one of the easiest marks for cybercriminals, according to the latest cybersecurity research

"While modern cyber threats can take different forms and delivery methods, email continues to be one of the primary approaches cyber attackers are using to exploit organizations, according to multiple research reports released in May 2019.

In this monthly roundup, eSecurity Planet summarizes findings from seven different research reports - and the key lessons that enterprises can learn to protect themselves against current and emerging security risks..."

The Minefield Of Corporate Email
Dark Reading, June 7th, 2019
Email security challenges CISOs as cybercriminals target corporate inboxes with malware, phishing attempts, and various forms of fraud

"Employee email accounts are prime targets for fraudsters, phishing attacks, and malware delivery as hackers assume someone will click, download, or respond to fall into their traps.

The threats causing concern are far from new - in fact, they're among the oldest. As Cisco researchers point out in a new report, 'Email: Click with Caution,' spam is 40 years old and phishing is over 30. Over time they've grown in prevalence and sophistication, joined by malware and fraud as criminals find new ways to cause problems for security practitioners..."

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