This research focuses on how zero loss of data-in-flight leads to certainty of data integrity. This in turn leads to simplified recovery and significantly reduces the chances of IT disasters

"Failure to recover from failure is the root cause of most IT disasters. Failures will always occur in IT systems. The challenge is ensuring data is not lost, even when the recovery systems are located far from the production systems.

A critical part of recovery from failure is ensuring data recovery and integrity. When a recovery system is a long distance from a production system, there is 'data-in-flight.' This data is easy to lose, and its loss impacts data integrity. Data integrity is essential for recovery of mission-critical systems of record in most enterprises and all financial institutions..."

Why IT Disasters Happen
wikibon, June 4th, 2019
This research explores the event triggers and root causes of why IT disasters happen

"The event triggers precipitate an initial event or anomaly. The root causes are the reasons why the initial event becomes a disaster. They are usually related to inability to recover from the event in a reasonable length of time. One of the major reasons why recovery takes so long and creates IT disasters is loss of data-in-flight...

The assertions in this research are based on joint collaboration between Wikibon and Alex Winokur, Entrepreneur & CTO of Axxana. Our collective experience in analyzing IT disasters and related scenarios spans many decades, including many examples that have been brought to our attention..."

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