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Data Center Managers Avoid Cloud Migration Risks
SearchDataCenter, June 7th, 2019
Many corporate IT users are flocking to the cloud, but a majority surprisingly remain reluctant to migrate their on-premises mission-critical workloads to a public cloud

"Well into the cloud era, a significant number of enterprises still have trepidations about moving mission-critical applications and services to the public cloud, preferring to forgo cloud migration risks by keeping apps ensconced within their own data centers.

Heading the list of reservations corporate IT shops have is the lack of visibility, transparency and accountability of public cloud services, according to respondents to the 2019 Uptime Institute's Annual Global Data Center Survey..."

Security is just as critical a component of any cloud environment - especially as cybercriminals look to exploit the rapidly expanding attack surface

"Possibly the most important attribute of the cloud is that critical business applications, can be deployed, managed, and distributed faster and easier than by any other method, giving employees and customers real-time access to critical information - wherever they are located and on whatever device they are using.

That requires nimble resources that can scale and move, and applications that are simple and intuitive to use, have access to real-time data, and can be quickly updated to meet constantly evolving trends. Likewise, internal workflows across devices - and different clouds - need to be highly available, flexible, and responsive in order to support critical functions and complete transactions..."

Making Multi-Cloud Work: Is It Really Worth It?
ComputerWeekly, June 4th, 2019
Enterprise interest in multicloud deployments is on the rise, but with so many moving parts to take care of, will the benefits end up being too hard-fought to make it viable for most enterprises?

"The promise of multicloud suggests enterprises should be able to run their applications and workloads in whichever cloud environment makes the most sense from a cost, performance or functionality perspective at that moment in time.

If the cost economics of running a particular application in a certain cloud suddenly becomes unfavourable, enterprises should have the freedom to shunt them off to someone else's with minimal fuss and effort, as needs dictate..."

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