Key considerations for applying machine learning to your business

"I'm pretty regularly asked for my thoughts on how to go about applying machine learning (ML) within an organization. I think there's much more nuance here to unpack that one typically thinks about when trying to apply ML to a specific aspect of an organization.

Within industry, and even academia, there is a bit of a misconception around what actually is possible today, given the constraints within a corporate organization. Constraints that aren't necessarily always technical tend to provide more of a challenge than those that are purely technical..."

How To Identify Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Opportunities
The Enterprisers Project, June 4th, 2019
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) doesn't suit every process. Here's how to identify the best use cases in your organization

"Robotic process automation (RPA) can make a big difference for organizations plagued by repetitive mundane processes - the kind that suck up the productivity of people whose time would be better put toward more important work..."

"There are a vast number of uses for RPA,' says Chris Huff, chief strategy officer at Kofax. "In banking, tasks such as opening accounts or processing mortgage applications can be automated, while insurance companies can automate health and injury claims and onboarding for new applicants or agents. In the transport sector, supply chain and logistics operations can be streamlined with RPA. The list of possibilities is nearly endless and beneficial to any business that deals with laborious or tedious manual processes..."

Is transhumanism our destiny? One thing that everyone seems to agree on is the inherent risk to humanity when (or if) it happens. And that we should be scared

"Recently I was asked by my company to develop a presentation for staff on the origins, present state and plausible future outcomes for artificial intelligence. This is in keeping with my position as the global lead for our AI Center of Excellence. And that process led to an exploration of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), when it might arrive and the implications for better or worse.

New artificial intelligence capabilities appear every day. In a single day just recently, an avid reader would have found articles about how AI might one day help us to predict earthquakes, how wearable AI will amplify human intelligence, how the technology is being used to create new alloys for 3D printing, how it is changing agriculture, and more. On that day, there were at least a dozen such headlines about how AI is transforming industry and society..."

In pop culture, the combination of business interests and artificial intelligence is something to be feared

"It brings to mind Skynet, the malevolent neural network from the Terminator movies that goes to great lengths to destroy its human makers.

The reality is different, though. We're not living through a hostile takeover by the all-pervasive Skynet. Instead, we're seeing individual businesses looking at the multiple AI solutions on the market with an eye to striking a better balance between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We take advantage of it every time we check out new products recommended by, which uses AI to extract as much information as possible from members' transactions. We have fun with it when we browse Netflix, which uses AI to predict what viewers might like to watch next..."

The path to value in AI might be through language

"Everyone agrees that implementing artificial intelligence (AI) will be critical for business competitiveness going forward. But what exactly does that look like? While examples of AI for image processing and classification abound, not every business will be using images or video as the core of their AI efforts. For some, AI that helps to improve the customer experience through voice may be the key to unlocking value..."

Top 45 Artificial Intelligence Companies
Datamation, June 5th, 2019
These artificial intelligence companies are advancing this emerging tech through myriad developments of AI systems

"Artificial intelligence has exploded in the past few years, with dozens of AI startups and major AI initiatives by big name firms alike. The New York Times estimates there are 45 AI firms working on chips alone, not to mention the dozens of AI software companies working on machine learning, deep learning and AI projects.

AI is driving significant investment from venture capitalist firms, giant firms like Microsoft and Google, academic research, and job openings across a multitude of sectors. All of this is documented in the AI Index, produced by Stanford University's Human-Centered AI Institute..."

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