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"With the advent and rise of chatbots, we are starting to see them utilize artificial intelligence  -  especially machine learning  -  to accomplish tasks, at scale, that cannot be matched by a team of interns or veterans. Even better, enterprises are now able to derive insights by analyzing conversations with cold math. However, there is still a substantial amount of people who carry a common sentiment every time they have a conversation with a bot - 'It doesn't understand what I'm saying'..."

"The future of enterprise voice services involves much more than asking Apple Watch to turn off your lights...

Apple's focus on privacy is incredibly important when it comes to the development of Siri and voice services, as the potential goes way beyond asking your Apple Watch to turn off your lights..."

"At Intel's investor meeting yesterday in Santa Clara, Calif., the company filled in details of its roadmap and product launch plans and sought to allay concerns about delays of its 10nm chips. In laying out its 10nm and 7nm timelines, Intel revealed that its first 7nm product would be a GPU targeted for datacenter and HPC applications. The product is intended to debut as the primary engine for the Department of Energy's Aurora supercomputer in 2021. Intel also revealed that its OneAPI software would be available to developers in Q4 of 2019..."

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