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The 3 Myths Slowing Adoption Of SD-WAN
Network Computing, May 9th, 2019

"It's time to move past some common misconceptions and fears about SD-WAN. Here are three common myths you can ignore...

Traditional WANs aren't keeping up. In the broadband age, network professionals are having problems managing and configuring branch offices. Employees are noticing slowdowns in their business-critical apps, while other apps, such as those streaming sports events, override the network. There's a traffic jam, and businesses, especially global enterprises with many branch offices, like financial institutions and retail outlets, are moving to SD-WAN..."

"Wi-Fi 6 is making its big debut this year, but summing up the potential impact is a bit more complicated than saying it will make Wi-Fi faster. Yes, things are going to be speedier than before -- but what's key about Wi-Fi 6 is how it will reshape the way routers handle the growing number of internet-connected devices in our homes and lives..."

"Automation has become a necessity for managing systems in today's age of dynamic and agile cloud-based environments. Operators are looking to optimize with efficiency and minimalism - to do more with less - as the goal. This same line of thinking should be applied to managing the network or system infrastructure..."

"An important key to network management is comprehensive visibility, with advanced performance analytics, all through a single pane of glass...

Networks today are a mixed bag, comprised of what can be a tangled mess of physical, virtualized, and cloud infrastructure. In order to compete today, businesses are pursuing digital transformation initiatives such as SD-WAN, Network Function Virtualization, and edge computing for a competitive edge. While these technologies offer great benefits, they also add great complexity..."

"Here's our rundown of what makes these 10 network-gear vendors the biggest power players within the enterprise...

Enterprises recognize that all of the new technologies they want to deploy - IoT, edge computing, serverless, containers, hybrid cloud, and AI - require a robust, flexible, secure, self-healing, software-driven network..."

How To Tackle Network Automation Risks And Tasks
SearchNetworking, May 9th, 2019

"Automation can make networks more efficient, but network engineers must first mitigate the risks. A good way to start is by setting up simple tasks that deliver operational value...

Many network engineers and network managers are reluctant to deploy network automation. Anyone who has run a network for a reasonable length of time has likely experienced a major network outage. Major outages are stressful and unpleasant, so teams tend to avoid anything that might cause one. If simple changes can cause a major outage, it's reasonable to question why anyone would consider using automation, which can quickly propagate a bad configuration across the entire network..."

"Network traffic analysis has evolved to incorporate machine learning techniques that help identify network security threats in real time and expedite a response...

IT managers have mined network traffic data for decades to improve bandwidth and enterprise performance. But, more recently, a new class of tools has emerged that aims to help enterprises tap network traffic analytics to better secure their networks by understanding network activity. These tools apply machine learning, heuristics and other techniques to evaluate collected packet data to try to identify malicious traffic that would normally go unnoticed..."

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