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Take Cover, It's A Student Programmer!
ComputerWorld, May 8th, 2019

"It's 1970 and pilot fish is a college junior taking courses in computer programming. And technology is progressing, as technology does. The school has just upgraded from an IBM 360/40 mainframe to a much more powerful IBM 360/65. It orders it with an entire megabyte of magnetic core memory, which adds about $1 million to its cost, and several disk drives in addition to the usual tape drives..."

"This entire organization is moving to a new building - a really new building, says a pilot fish making the move.

'The offices in the new building would have built-in furniture, and someone was assigned to work with us on customized furniture plans for each office,' says fish.

His own desk in the old office has a stand that lets him adjust the keyboard for both height and tilt. But he can't take that stand to the new building, so to make sure his new setup has similar flexibility, fish talks to the furniture planner..."

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