Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of HR?
Business 2 Community, May 10th, 2019

"You spot a new job advert you love the look of. You update your CV, double check your references and send it across. In rapid succession you find your CV being screened, your background being investigated and follow up questions being sent over.

Is this the world's most efficient HR professional? No. It's a new tool which is making a massive splash in almost every aspect of business - Artificial Intelligence (AI)..."

"Team building is critical to establishing a winning culture. Here's how several IT organizations are strengthening staff bonds both inside and outside work...

An organization's culture plays a key role in employee engagement, and team building is among the most effective ways to help employees forge or strengthen bonds with their coworkers. But forget the standard casual Fridays, pub crawls or pizza lunches - team building has evolved into bringing people together for work and play, inside and outside the office, says Doug Saunders, CIO of Advanced Disposal..."

"Continuous L&D requires continuous monitoring of results - but some parts of these programs may still feel impossible to measure.

Demand for learning is up and the spend that employers allocate to it is climbing - but as employers spend more money, they may also need to increase expectations for learning's success..."

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