"It's perhaps obvious that the fundamental reason for building expensive exascale computers is to drive science and industry forward, realizing the resulting benefits will ripple through society. Helping to ensure that happens is the non-trivial task of the U.S. Exscale Computing Project (ECP) whose mission is to foster development of the exascale-ready software ecosystem including science applications required. At today's announcement of plans to build the $600 million, 1.5 exaflops Frontier supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, organizers also presented a glimpse into some of the science Frontier may tackle..."

"The company says a single TPU v3 Pod is as powerful as the world's fourth-fastest HPC system...

Google is making entire interconnected racks full of its custom chips for machine learning available as a cloud service.

Previously available from Google Cloud only as individual devices, its TPU v2 and TPU v3 hardware now comes as powerful interconnected systems called Cloud TPU Pods. In other words, you can pay the Alphabet subsidiary to temporarily use a full rack (or multiple racks) of TPUs, all linked by a network mesh in a way that makes them behave as a single enormously powerful supercomputer..."

"The European supercomputing arena is picking up steam. According to (a website that tracks public information on ongoing EU-funded supercomputing projects) there are currently at least 107 projects funded under the Horizon 2020 program with a total budget of more than 570 million euro. And European HPC investment is set to soar even higher under the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (JU), Europe's exascale-focused funding mechanism..."

"The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) was initiated in 2016 as a formal DOE project and extends through 2022. The ECP is designing the software infrastructure to enable the next generation of supercomputers - systems capable of more than 1018 operations per second - to effectively and efficiently run applications that address currently intractable problems of strategic importance.

The ECP is creating and deploying an expanded and vertically integrated software stack on US Department of Energy (DOE) HPC exascale and pre-exascale systems, the defining the enduring US exascale ecosystem..."

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