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"A Datamation survey of cloud computing trends reveals that multicloud computing has gained significant traction in the enterprise, driven by concerns of vendor lock-in and a desire to mix and match vendors' tools...

In an in-depth Datamation survey entitled State of the Cloud 2019, companies indicated that they are more often combining multiple cloud companies into one deployment, a technique known as multicloud computing..."

Get To Know Your Customers: 3 Ways To Do It Right
Business 2 Community, May 9th, 2019

"By 2020, companies will primarily be competing on the basis of customer experience. (Walker Study). This means customers will choose to work with companies that offer the best experience and value. In fact, a CEI study found that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience. But in order to meet your customer's rising expectations - you have to have a deep understanding of your customer..."

"An in-depth Datamation survey reveals that businesses enjoy cloud's agility and cost advantages, while struggling with regulatory and compliance issues...

Now in 2019, enterprise adoption of cloud computing has gone far beyond the exploratory phase. The use of cloud is seen as mission critical rather than strategic. Businesses use services from IaaS to higher order platforms like PaaS, containers and serverless to deploy their applications in production.

Now that cloud is more established than merely emerging, what do businesses see as the benefits and challenges? In other words, how are current cloud deployments living up to the earlier hype about the wonders of cloud?..."

Cloud Migration Steps - Five To Ensure Success
Information Age, May 9th, 2019

"Mark Pidgeon, vice president of technical services and customer success at Sumo Logic, explores the steps to a successful cloud migration...

What cloud migration steps should an organisation follow?..."

"Since the beginning of the modern cloud era (circa 2007), many prophesied the concept of multi-cloud storage deployments. It's taken over a decade for the technology and the need to catch up to the crystal ball readers, driven by the desire for data analytics, machine learning and data sovereignty.

At the core, each needs to be able to manage data that can live in multiple clouds. But, in order to realize the multi-cloud benefit, more expansive thinking about data protection is required..."

"Adopting a strategy to embrace the cloud should include adequate plans to control and monitor the new environment.

As organizations chase advantages made possible through cloud transformation, it is possible they might tread in spaces their security protocols are not prepared for. Many executives and IT teams may be under pressure to advance cloud migration strategies, but such a push can leave some considerations overlooked..."

Multicloud Security: Trust Nothing!
ITProPortal, May 7th, 2019

"The assumption that the cloud is, by default, more secure than a traditional on-premise environment needs to be put into context. Conventional security models operate on an outdated idea that everything on the inside of an organisation's network can be trusted and a business only has to focus on the external threats that could be faced. However, given increased sophistication in attacks, and insider threats, new security measures need to be taken to stop them from spreading once inside..."

"Cloud uptime is critical today, but vendor-provided data can be confusing. Here's an analysis of how AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure compare...

The cloud is not just important; it's mission-critical for many companies. More and more IT and business leaders I talk to look at public cloud as a core component of their digital transformation strategies - using it as part of their hybrid cloud or public cloud implementation..."

"It has to be a bit depressing to be in the cloud infrastructure business if your name isn't Amazon. Sure, there's a huge, growing market, and the companies behind Amazon are growing even faster. Yet it seems no matter how fast they grow, Amazon remains a dot on the horizon..."

"Analyst firm Synergy Research Group's latest numbers on public cloud infrastructure spending shows that enterprises just can't satisfy their voracious appetite for hosted services.

Spending on cloud infrastructure jumped by 42% in the first quarter of 2019 from a year ago. Synergy, which calculates cloud infrastructure spending using earnings data from the main cloud providers, said the market generated more than $21 billion in revenue during the last quarter..."

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