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Big Data Trends In 2019
Business 2 Community, May 9th, 2019

"It is a common knowledge that in order to remain competitive and thrive in today's business landscape, having the capability to make data-driven decisions is a must. This is especially true in marketing, where, fortunately, mountains and mountains of customer data are being pushed and processed across a variety of digital channels, just waiting to be mined and analyzed by marketers.

Customer data is just one of the most crucial assets any businesses can have through the so-called Big Data, i.e., the huge data sets that can be processed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations between a plethora of different human behavior and interactions..."

"One of the great things about R is the thousands of packages users have written to solve specific problems in various disciplines -- analyzing everything from weather or financial data to the human genome -- not to mention analyzing computer security-breach data.

Some tasks are common to almost all users, though, regardless of subject area: data import, data wrangling and data visualization. The table below show my favorite go-to packages for one of these three tasks (plus a few miscellaneous ones tossed in). The package names in the table are clickable if you want more information..."

"What's the commercial value of your enterprise data? If you can answer that question accurately, then you're among the few organizations that have a real grip on their data governance.

For the rest of us, the best we can do is an estimate that, given the nature of unstructured and dark data in particular, will be inaccurate..."

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