Florida's Tech Scene Surpasses Its Reputation
South Florida Business and Wealth, April 10th
April 14, 2019,
Volume 253, Issue 2

Kevin Gale writes in SFBW, "Austin is widely recognized as a national technology center, but guess who is just behind it in tech employment? South Florida.

The new Computing Technology Industry Association Cyberstates report shows Austin had 154,884 tech jobs to rank No. 18 nationally, while the Miami metro area was ranked No. 19 with 148,489. South Florida ranked ahead of another widely hailed innovation hub, Portland, which was No. 20 with 136,803 jobs.

The Cyberstates 2019 report belies the stereotype of Florida as a technology backwater: It ranks fourth nationally for tech jobs and second for net tech jobs added.

Among urban areas, South Florida ranked 13th nationally with 4,262 tech jobs added in 2018 and its 3 percent increase ranked 15th. The national increase was 2.3 percent. The report's authors predict a continued tight labor market for technology employment in the state..."

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