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Coredial Calls On Oracle To Bolster IP Network Quality And Reliability
Oracle, April 10th, 2019
"CoreDial, LLC, a leading provider of cloud communications and UCaaS services, has selected Oracle Communications to help the company deliver high-quality, reliable services. Today, more than 800 channel partners rely on CoreDial to deliver services to 26,000 businesses in the United States..."
    Cruise Lines Serve Up Better Dining Experiences With Oracle
    Oracle, April 10th, 2019
    "Food and drinks are a central part of any cruise experience with travelers expecting a wide variety of unique menus around the clock. For cruise ships, the stakes are high to deliver seamless experiences with unmatched service. With Oracle Hospitality solutions, cruise ships have the agility and tools to offer passengers their favorite foods and beverages from anywhere on the ship, at any time during their shipboard holiday..."
      Oracle Enables Utilities To Embrace A Customer-Centric Future
      Oracle, April 10th, 2019
      "The utility industry is undergoing a massive evolution as utility customers are becoming more active consumers and producers. The explosion of data from a multitude of devices, including meters, IoT sensors, and smart home appliances, require utilities to rethink old business and billing models to meet the demands of this new utility economy..."

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