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"Engineers at the University of California, Berkeley have built a new photonic switch that can control the direction of light passing through optical fibers faster and more efficiently than ever. This optical 'traffic cop' could one day revolutionize how information travels through data centers and high-performance supercomputers that are used for artificial intelligence and other data-intensive applications..."

"Artificial intelligence and machine learning aim to bridge the resolution gap between 4K and 8K TVs and the video actually available today...

When I first heard Samsung talk up AI upscaling in its 8K TVs, I assumed it was the age-old marketing practice of smashing a new buzzword onto some old tech and proclaiming it super-fancy.

That might not be the case..."

"The ITU has just approved Amazon's plans for a network of 3,200 internet satellites, while the FCC has approved constellations of nearly 12,000 for SpaceX and 650 for OneWeb resulting in global coverage...

Sometime in the next decade you can expect something on the order of 16,000 satellites to be operating in low Earth orbit and providing internet access to anyone with the ability to access them. Those internet satellites would be interconnected into a global mesh that would include a series of ground stations located around the world. If all goes according to plan, nearly everyone in the world would have access to reliable, low-latency, high-speed internet access whenever they wanted it..."

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