Network Servers For The Enterprise
ServerWatch, April 12th, 2019
April 12, 2019,
Volume 253, Issue 2

"What is a network server? Network servers are computers that are used as the central repository for data and various programs, and are shared by many users within the network.

Users may have programs and files they retain on their own PCs or laptops. But certain files and programs are better hosted on one of the many network servers on the market. That enables other users to access them by connecting to that server via the network.

One advantage of this approach is that if a user loses his or her laptop, their most important files are stored on a network server. As a result, they are instantly available once the user obtains a new network client. Collaboration, too, is heightened by these machines. Multiple users can make changes to the same document. Additionally, network servers help to improve file management and security..."

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