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2019 Year of PCIe 4.0, PCIe 5.0 to Come, April 12th, 2019

"Computer systems are about to get a whole lot faster. For almost two decades PCIe has been the data interconnect standard knitting together CPU, storage, networking, IO and GPUs in PCs to HPC systems. In that timeframe it has delivered a doubling of bandwidth every three years on average. Today, virtually all computer systems are based on PCIe 3.0 delivering 8GT (gigatransfers per second) per lane resulting in 32GB/s bandwidth in a standard 16 lane connection (duplex).

This year, starting at the high end of the market, a transition will begin toward systems based on PCIe 4.0. The interconnect speed will double to 64GB/s in a 16 lane connection. The speed increase will provide an improvement across the range of HPC applications such as AI/ML, scientific simulation, big data analytics, high resolution visualization and rendering, and genomics analysis..."

A Guide To Hyper-Converged Data Resiliency Options And Requirements
SearchConveredInfrastructure, April 8th, 2019

"What you need to find out from HCI vendors to architect a resilient hyper-converged environment that will protect data against failure, error and attack...

One benefit hyper-converged infrastructure offers to IT environments is simplicity. Suddenly, there's no more separate storage tier to manage and scaling becomes a breeze. Better yet, you can manage everything -- including centralized policies and, in some cases, even backup and recovery -- from a single console.

Hyper-convergence engineers may have done a good job providing administrators with simplicity, but underneath it all is a level of complexity that users don't typically see..."

Network Servers For The Enterprise
ServerWatch, April 12th, 2019

"What is a network server? Network servers are computers that are used as the central repository for data and various programs, and are shared by many users within the network.

Users may have programs and files they retain on their own PCs or laptops. But certain files and programs are better hosted on one of the many network servers on the market. That enables other users to access them by connecting to that server via the network.

One advantage of this approach is that if a user loses his or her laptop, their most important files are stored on a network server. As a result, they are instantly available once the user obtains a new network client. Collaboration, too, is heightened by these machines. Multiple users can make changes to the same document. Additionally, network servers help to improve file management and security..."

"New report demonstrates how prolific cyber attackers are - and the dangers of default login credentials...

It can only take seconds before cyber criminals start attempting to hack into newly connected cloud devices and services, as attackers relentlessly pursue new avenues to exploit for malicious purposes.

Researchers at security company Sophos set up honeypots in ten of the most popular AWS data centre locations around the world -- California, Ohio, Sao Paulo, Ireland, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney -- and connected them to the internet with common configuration errors, such as using default credentials or insecure passwords..."

What Is Server Management?
ServerWatch, April 12th, 2019

"Server management, an essential activity for data center administrators, is a challenging topic. This is because the term server management can be used to refer to managing physical server hardware, virtual machines or many types of application servers and database servers. All of these needs to be managed - constantly.

Adding complication, there are many types of server management tools and server management services that can help administrators to keep servers of all types working properly. The best server monitoring software applications provide system management application capabilities that serve an array of different use-cases. Let's look at server management in-depth..."

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